‘World Of Dance’
Will Luka and Jenalyn receive high enough scores to qualify in the cuts in “World of Dance” Season 1? NBC

“World of Dance” Season 1 will see Luka and Jenalyn competing with duo DNA in the duels.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s episode, NBC released a sneak peek for the upcoming installment. Luka and Jenalyn are first to perform a contemporary routine to Chainsmokers’ hit song, “Don’t Let Me Down.” The duo’s routine is filled with exciting lifts. At one point, judge Ne-Yo couldn’t contain his excitement over what he is seeing. The crowd also goes wild while watching the pair.

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After their performance, DNA is next to showcase their talents in front of judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough. The couple danced to One Republic’s hit song, “Love Runs Out.” The duo’s routine is packed with sharp turns and movements, and their chemistry couldn’t be denied. Unfortunately, only one of the two contestants will have the chance to head to the cuts next week. Lopez, Ne-Yo and Hough will give both acts an average score, and whoever receives the higher rating will advance to the next round of competition.

Other than Luka and Jenalyn and DNA, “World of Dance” Season 1 will also introduce their first three-way duels on Tuesday night. Three teams of dancers will compete against each other for a spot in the cuts that will be attended by professional ballet dancer and guest judge Misty Copeland.

Meanwhile, couple Keon and Mari Madrid already made it to the cuts round after winning over Quick Style. The couple, who make up the Keon & Mari tandem, recently opened up about their success on the show. While speaking with Cosmopolitan, they said, “It’s kind of surreal, almost out of body. There are lots of professional dancers who have had experience on other shows. It’s like Justin Timberlake going up against Adele or another singer.”

Keone & Mari also appeared in Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” music video last year. According to the former, Bieber’s longtime choreographer personally asked them to star in the video a week before filming. As such, they had to come up with a unique and beautiful concept for the project. “She just said, ‘Do your thing,’” he said.

“World of Dance” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.