‘World Of Dance’
Les Twins did not want to disappoint Jennifer Lopez in “World of Dance” Season 1. NBC

“World of Dance” winners Les Twins may have received a wake-up call from judge Ne-Yo, but it was judge and executive producer Jennifer Lopez that they really wanted to impress.

In an interview with People, Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois said that even though Laurent suffered from an injury prior to the divisional finals, they didn’t want to let Lopez down by giving a subpar performance. As a performer herself, Lopez knew the importance of leaving everything on stage. While mentoring Les Twins, she said that she no longer wanted to hear any excuses regarding Laurent’s injury.

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Lopez also used herself as an example of an artist who performs despite being sick. “I’m dancer, you’re the dancer too, so don’t mess with me. I feel like I had to represent her,” Larry said of Lopez’s coaching style.

He added that “World of Dance” was created so that Lopez and her team could find the best dancers in the world. “She believed she would find the best dancer in the world and we did want to show her the truth,” he said.

After winning the “World of Dance” Season 1 title, Les Twins brought home the $1 million grand prize. But even though a lot of fans are supporting them, there are also those who think that they shouldn’t have won. A poll created by Gold Derby revealed that fans wanted 14-year-old contemporary dancer Eva Igo to win. But since there was no audience text voting on the show, judges Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough were the ones who determined the winner.

Meanwhile, auditions for “World of Dance” Season 2 are currently ongoing. Details about the application process may be viewed on the show’s official website. Just like in Season 1, renowned dancers from all over the world may audition for the reality TV competition in the junior, upper and team divisions. The top contestants will be facing off in the duels, cuts, divisional finals and world finals. All three judges and host Jenna Dewan Tatum are expected to return.

“World of Dance” Season 2 will premiere on NBC in 2018.