World's fattest man, Keith Martin, who weighed 980 pounds, died of pneumonia. Channel 5 via

The world's fattest man, Keith Martin of London, has died of pneumonia, news reports said. He was 44.

Martin weighed 70 stones at his heaviest -- 980 pounds -- and said he was so depressed in 2012, he considered suicide, the Mirror reported.

Martin's death came in March eight months after he underwent surgery that removed 75 percent of his stomach, the Mirror reported. He had managed to lose nearly half his body weight before his death.

Martin, who was agoraphobic, admitted much of his weight was the result of consuming inexpensive fast food, eating as many as 20,000 calories a day. A normal adult man consumes 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day. Martin's diet included pizza, kebabs, Chinese takeout, Big Macs, two liters of soda pop, chocolate, chips, sweets and biscuits.

"I know the only person to blame is me," Martin said following his gastric surgery.

"Keith, like many people, had some emotional issues and he turned to food for comfort," his doctor, Kesava Mannur, said. "That type of behavior is nothing new, but what is new is how easy it is for people in that situation to buy a lot of cheap junk food."

Mannur said he supports a proposed tax to make "unhealthy fast food more expensive."

Martin was confined to his house for 10 years and bedridden because of his size. He is survived by two sisters.