Sheyla Hershey
The world's largest breast implants saved Brazilian model Sheyla Hershey's life by acting as air bags during a crash after a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

The world's largest breast implants (size 38KKK) saved Brazilian model Sheyla Hershey's life by acting as air bags during a car crash after a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Sheyla Hershey, a 32-year-old Texas woman whose knockers are the size of watermelons, said she crashed her car into a tree while driving home from watching the New York Giants win at a party. The air bags apparently failed to deploy on impact, but the implants helped keep her avoid serious injury.

I am so lucky to be alive right now with the condition the car is in. Yes, it was a rough accident, she told Houston local TV station KCTV. They definitely saved my life. They are very sore right now. They were very painful.

The breasts, which cost Hershey $100,000, are recognized as the world's largest, and have catapulted her to fame (or infamy, depending on your viewpoint). She has had dozens of surgeries on her breasts in her lifetime.

But it's not all funbags for the buxom babe. The Sunday crash ended on the wrong side of the law, as she was handcuffed and cited for driving while intoxicated, though she denies failing a Breathalyzer exam, according to KCTV.

Hershey was in the news last February when it was reported by Britain's The Sun that she had attempted to commit suicide by taking an overdose of prescription pills, landing herself in the hospital with a coma.

At the time of the incident Hershey had been in therapy for a range of problems including bipolar disorder and having a breast obsession, The Sun reported, which was her second attempted suicide attempt in two months.

Her troubles came on the heels of a staph infection she contracted during surgery to get her KKK breasts upgraded to even more massive MMMs, the Sun reported. She had to have her KKKs removed in the process (they were later re-implanted), and suffered from depression while in her deflated state:

Once I reclaim my identity as the world's biggest boobs I can be a better role model for my daughter, she told the paper last year.