The world's oldest known person, Dina Manfredini, has passed away in Iowa at the age of 115. Manfredini held the title of “world's oldest living person” for only a few days after Bettie Cooper died on Dec. 4.

Manfredini was born April 4, 1897, in Italy and migrated to the United States with her husband in 1920, reports The Des Moines Register. She was living at the Bishop Drumm Retirement Center in Johnston, Iowa.

Manfredini, at 115, was the world's oldest person as well as the world's oldest immigrant, according to Robert Young of Guinness World Records, reports the Register. Manfredini had been living independently until she was 110 and, according to Guinness World Records, continued to work and was cleaning houses until she was 90.

Young also notes that Manfredini is the only Italian on record to live to the age of 115.

Manfredini was born during the presidency of William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States who was assassinated in 1901, and lived through the whole 20th century.

The Manfredini family commented on her passing saying, “She truly was a special gift from God and touched a lot of lives. She will always be remembered as a great cook, baker, and gardener."

The title of world's oldest person was held in America during the reigns of Cooper and Manfredini but it will now pass to Japan. According to Guinness, Jiroemon Kimura is now the world's oldest living person. Kimura is believed to be 115 years and 242 days old. According to The Des Moines Register, Kimura is just 15 days younger than Manfredini and lives in a retirement home in Kyotango, Kyoto.