The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and was a huge victory for the Japanese gaming giant following the commercial failure of the Wii U. Titles such as “Super Mario Odyssey”, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, and many more have restored Nintendo to its familiar glory. Yet, like all other consoles, some games are released that critics do not hesitate to condemn. Here are the 5 worst-rated games on the Nintendo Switch, according to critics.

5. “Arc of Alchemist”

This role-playing game takes place in the future, where humanity is grappling to survive in an empty wasteland. You play as Quinn Bravesford and her team, as they look for the Great Power, which is the key to saving humanity. While it has a captivating plot, critics constantly denounce its mindless battle system, claiming it feels outdated.

“Arc of Alchemist is not worth your time,” Nintendo Life said in their review, giving the game a score of 3/10. “The story is barely serviceable, the gameplay is middling and uninspired at its very best, and the graphics often look like they could’ve been pulled from an early 3DS game.”

4. “Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy”

Another role-playing game that bears a striking resemblance to “Arc of Alchemist”, “Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy” has also been criticized for its mundane gameplay. Its story also follows a universe in which humanity is struggling to survive, and a small team of unlikely heroes works together to save the few humans who remain.

“Fantasy Hero ~Unsigned Legacy~ is a title that can and should be ignored,” Nintendo World Report said in their review, giving the game a score of 4/10. “ This is one game that should have been left as a one-system wonder due to its boring gameplay that is wrapped up in a mundane story.”

3. “ARK: Survival Evolved”

In this game, the player is stranded on an island where dangerous prehistoric beings exist. Survival is pretty much the name of the game, as emphasized in its title. Although some critics have said that the game’s plot and concept have potential, the Switch’s hardware limitations hinder the game’s visuals, directly affecting gameplay.

“The visual potential of Ark’s gorgeous, versatile environments remain utterly untapped, and what you’re getting on Switch is an ugly, stripped-back substitute,” The Sixth Axis said in their review, giving the game a score of 4/10. “Ark: Survival Evolved is and will remain one of those titles that shines brightest on PC and only there can it gain the appreciation it truly deserves.”

2. “Tiny Racer”

It seems like the gameplay of “Tiny Racer” remains quite faithful to its title. Players control a tiny car in 3-lap races, with a button to accelerate and a button to brake, and that’s it. The game is allegedly plagued with bugs and terrible physics, along with an awkward camera angle that gives the player an uncomfortable view of their car.

“Tiny Racer offers nothing that you haven’t seen before or does anything special that requires you to play it,” Nintendo World Report said in their review, giving the game a score of 2/10. “It feels like a game that was created in about a week without any attention to details or a specific goal in mind aside from ‘let’s make the cars tiny’.

1. “Vroom In The Nightsky”

Commonly known as the worst game on the Nintendo Switch, “Vroom in the Nightsky”, this indie game has a Metascore of 17 on Metacritic. It has received universally horrible reviews from critics, with many describing the game as having “hideous sound effects”, and “boring gameplay”, encouraging consumers to “steer clear of this one and save your hard-earned cash for other titles that deserve your attention.”