• He died Saturday after a two-week battle with COVID-19 
  • Christian had posted on Instagram about his health condition
  • His family has started a GoFundMe Page for funeral expenses

The family of an unvaccinated Los Angeles man who died of COVID on Saturday says the 40-year-old dad deeply regretted not having been vaccinated while he was on his deathbed.

Christian Cabrera of West Hollywood gained notoriety as "Chinese Best Friend," a sidekick to comedian Michael Blackson. Cabrera got infected shortly after the Christmas holidays and was rushed to the emergency room last week following breathing troubles, reported Sacramento Bee.

Just after Christian Cabrera was hospitalized, his brother Jino Cabrera told KTLA he got a text message from his brother saying he regretted not getting jabbed.

"I can’t breathe again," the message read. "I really regret not getting my vaccine, if I can do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here and I wish I have gotten vaccinated."

Before his death, Christian Cabrera posted about his illness on his Instagram account, which has over 100,000 followers. "Been here almost a week in ICU now not breathing on my own with Covid Pneumonia infection on Both lungs! This has to be the worst pain i ever had in my life!” he wrote, thanking his fans for their good wishes. "i can hear all ya prayers (in) my sleep!” he wrote. “Thank you and hope to see ya all soon!"

However, he passed away Saturday morning. A GoFundMe page was started by Christian Cabrera's family to pay his funeral expenses. It read: "We’re completely heartbroken! He touched so many people’s lives because was a very loving, kind, generous, caring person with a beautiful heart and soul.”

Christian Cabrera leaves behind a 3-year-old son, the post said. "With your help, his family would like to honor the beautiful human being that he is for his funeral and memorial. We are raising funds to help with all expenses associated with the funeral, memorial, burial and ceremony to make sure that we honor his legacy and the memories that he created while he was still alive. Also, we are raising funds for his 3-year-old son Noel who he has left behind to make sure he is well taken care of now that Christian is gone," the post read.

So far, the U.S. has reported 72,958,690 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 891,595 deaths.

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