New Year's Eve is quickly approaching and it is almost time to say goodbye to 2011.

Some major events happened this year. Kate Middleton married Prince William. Charlie Sheen shared the secret of his tiger blood. Donald Trump almost ran for president. People were photographed planking around the world. Kim Kardashian spent millions of dollars on her wedding only to get divorced 72 days later. Lindsay Lohan went to jail (again). The world's largest insect was found. And Courtney Stodden became a household name.

This year was also rife with some wild and wacky fashions. Some looks were weird and others were just plain awful.

From Rihanna's tinsel gown at the 2011 Grammy Awards to Snooki's big hair to Christina Aguilera's too-tight ensembles, 2011 surely landed some celebrities on the Worst Dressed list.

Fashion is, of course, about taking risks. What seems like a muddled mess to one person may seem like a masterpiece to another.

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but it is still fun to look back and ask What were they thinking?

Check out the slideshow of the worst and wackiest celebrity fashions from 2011.