“The X Factor” has gotten more exciting now that its contestants have headed into boot camp, and the reality talent show could almost be mistaken for a soap opera with all of the drama that is going on in the show.

Boot camp takes place in Miami, so some of the performers are without their parents. However, they are reportedly being housed in a posh Miami hotel.

Judge Simon Cowell warned the performers during the show that premiered on Thursday night that it will probably be one of the hardest weeks of their lives.

Diamond White sung first with a song of her choice. Even though young White is only 13 years old she sang a Whitney Houston song nearly perfectly in a diva-like style.

Maryland's David Correy put on a killer performance for the judges and the other singers. He ran out on the stage singing “Mercy” beautifully and with tons of energy throughout his performance.

It seemed Jessica Espinoza had hit the jackpot when judge Demi Lovato said she was the only contestant whose first and last name she remembered, but after she sang another Whitney Houston song Lovato admitted to Simon Cowell that she was “disappointed.”

Jennel Garcia was another star from the night when Cowell said she was "Spicy" and Lovato said she had "sex appeal."

The nerves got the best of some contestants like Jake Garza who couldn’t finish his audition. Britney Spears was visibly upset for those that struggled with the pressure and later tweeted about it when the episode aired on television.

Tara Simon came back to sing again, but she seemed to be desperate when she got down on her knees while singing Queen.

Britney Spears was not impressed by “country charmer” Willie Jones, especially because he didn’t sing low, which she felt was the best part about his voice. She claimed that his “regular” singing voice wasn’t that great.

Even though Paige Thomas’ voice was shaky at times she did a stellar job singing "I Will Always Love You."

In the end more than 70 “X Factor” singers made it past the second round. Whoever wins the show will be awarded $5 million.