• Xbox UK Marketing Lead Samuel Bateman has acknowledged the long wait that fans have been put through regarding the console's price and release date
  • Bateman said on Twitter that Xbox will let everyone know things when they're ready and said that the launch date will be revealed before what games will be immediately playable
  • Neither Xbox nor PlayStation has blinked as of yet to state definite release dates and prices for their respective next-gen consoles

September has arrived yet Microsoft has yet to reveal the price and release date for the Xbox Series X,

This is the same for Sony and the PlayStation 5. It can be infuriating, particularly for gamers who want to know how much they will be saving for, yet the details remain a mystery. The good news is Microsoft has at least acknowledged the long wait.

Xbox UK marketing lead Samuel Bateman said on Twitter, "I understand everyone is excited to know and people want to plan purchases, etc. We’ll let you all know when we're ready," GameSpot reports.

After someone pointed out that fans want to know critical details like price and release date for the console, Bateman tweeted his response. Another person then asked him details about what the launch lineup for the console will be as well as “Halo Infinite” being delayed to 2021.

Bateman responded, "Let's get you the launch date first when you can see exactly what games are playable from day one." Previously, Microsoft has advertised the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X when talking about the games that can be played on the console when it is launched.

The current generation of consoles, namely Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, announced their prices as early as June in 2013. Specifically, those prices were announced at E3 2013. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, there was no E3 this year.

That pandemic has also left many wondering if it has affected the manufacturing of these next-gen consoles in any shape or form. The launch supply of the PlayStation 5 is supposedly lower than what was the case for the PlayStation 4 because the high price of the coming console led to lower demand at launch.

For its part, all that Microsoft has acknowledged to date is a launch date of November 2020. No specific day has been given, and no price either. For Sony, though, only the unnecessarily vague “Holiday 2020” has been confirmed as a release date, let alone a statement on how much the PS5 will cost.

Rumors of consoles with a price of at least $500 persist for both consoles but this cat-and-mouse game between Microsoft and Sony continues with November 2020 approaching ever so slowly.

Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X. Microsoft/Official