• Two new games, "Rain on Your Parade" and "Pathway," have been added to Xbox Game Pass
  • "Wargroove," "Gato Roboto" and "Deliver Us The Moon" are no longer available
  • Xbox is also adding new games on Android and iOS soon

There are new games to check out on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with the addition of “Rain on Your Parade” and “Pathway.” However, the entry of the new titles also means that some current ones will be leaving the game library.

The three games that were recently taken out of the Xbox Game Pass library are “Wargroove,” “Gato Roboto” and “Deliver Us The Moon.” To avid gamers, these titles may not be that significant, but a number of players might miss “Wargroove.”

“Wargroove” debuted in 2019 via Chucklefish and somehow fulfilled the demand of players for “Advance Wars” that Nintendo failed to address. For those who may be encountering “Wargroove” for the first time, it is a turn-based tactics video game that allows players to explore maps and battle different foes. Players take control of one of 15 commanders, each with their own campaigns, motivations and personalities.

Regardless, the attention right now is on the two new titles on the Xbox Game Pass library. Like the ones recently removed, they are not that known. It would be best to note that only “Rain on Your Parade” is available for PC and game consoles. “Pathway” will only have the PC version available.

Considering “Pathway” and “Rain on Your Parade” lack popularity, it remains to be seen if members will get them. The good news is that while they are up, a 20% discount is available for those who want to check out either game. However, it was not mentioned how long this offer will last.

Aside from game consoles, Microsoft has been also making an aggressive push in the mobile device niche. Six games were announced Thursday as Xbox Game Pass titles playable on Android. That list includes “Battle Chasers: Night War,” “Double Dragon Neon,” “Wreckfest,” “Overcooked 2,” “Killer Queen Black” and “Banjo-Kazooie.”

Worth noting here is that Microsoft has only covered Android devices. But all that should be addressed soon, with Microsoft confirming that the Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming will be available to iOS users in the future. As of this writing, details have yet to come out on this plan.

Xbox is combining its Game Pass with its cloud video game service to allow users to play games on their mobile devices Xbox is combining its Game Pass with its cloud video game service to allow users to play games on their mobile devices Photo: AFP / Ina FASSBENDER