Xbox One
Microsoft has announced a new 1 TB Xbox One. It will begin shipping on June 16 for $349. Microsoft/Xbox One

Gamers have more reasons now to buy an Xbox One, particulary fans of the "Halo" franchise. Major Nelson announced yesterday the special edition “Halo Master Chief Collection” Xbox One bundle, which is offered in a Cirrus White version.

The Xbox One bundle is coming to the U.S. at $349. Console hardware aside, it will include digital download codes for “Halo: The Master Chief Collection,” which will give players access to the four-part "Halo" story. It is a limited edition bundle that is offered only at select U.S. retailers.

Apart from the new bundle, the Xbox One over-the-air TV Tuner is also now out for the U.S. and Canada. The TV Tuner allows Xbox One owners to access broadcast networks in their area, broadening the ways for which the Xbox One can be used for TV viewing.

The Xbox One TV Tuner is available for $59.99 via Amazon or Microsoft stores. However, given that the TV Tuner needs an antenna, Microsoft is offering a bundle of the tuner and antenna for only $99.99.

Windows 10 For Xbox One Coming First To Preview

What may come alongside the “Halo 5: Guardians” release is the integration between the Windows 10 and the Xbox One. This is the estimate based on what Xbox head Phil Spencer said, according to GameSpot. The source states that the summer release of the Windows 10 is intended only for the PC. Post-summer integration with Microsoft’s next-gen console will still involve the preview program. “You’ll see it in preview first so you’ll know at least a month ahead of time,” said Spencer via Twitter.

This is the same as what is usually done with new features coming to the Xbox One via updates. The beta run, in the form of the Xbox One Preview Program, will allow players to spot bugs and developers to create fixes before releasing it to the public.

Select Free EA Access Subscription

Another promo that Microsoft has recently released for the Xbox One is related to the EA Access. A 12-month free subscription to EA Access is up for grabs for those who will refer the Xbox One to a friend.

As per the promo’s mechanics, the referred friend should purchase a specific bundle from the Microsoft Store, the 500 GB black Xbox One with a three-month Xbox Live membership and “Forza Horizon 2” copy.

However, for those who are planning to avail of the promo, Videogamer reports that it is available only to the select few who were able to receive an email for it. With the promo, the person who referred a friend as well as the referred friend get free EA Access upon purchase of the Xbox One bundle.

Xbox One TV Tuner (Credit: YouTube/XboxUK)