Microsoft confirmed that new titles will be revealed at E3. Courtesy/Electronic Entertainment Expo

Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, confirmed there were more Xbox One exclusives to be revealed this year at E3 this June. Spencer revealed the exciting news via his Twitter feed on Jan. 20.

“Is [there] still any unannounced exclusive coming this year? Also when is the next event that XB1 will be at showing off games? Soon?” inquired one eager Xbox One fan on Twitter.

“We will have announces in 2014, already working on the plan. I want to have a great E3 this year," Spencer replied. The corporate vice president definitely dropped some strong hints that annual gaming convention E3 would be a major event for Microsoft.

2013 was a significant year for the multimedia giant. The next-gen Xbox One launched on Nov. 22 in 13 countries, selling 1 million consoles within 24 hours. By the end of December, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One was in more than 3 million homes.

This year, gamers are looking forward to a repertoire of exciting new games - Respawn Entertainment’s first-person shooter “Titanfall” will launch on March 11 and a “Halo” title will most likely reach the Xbox One this year. Black Tusk, formerly Microsoft Vancouver, has confirmed that it is developing a new project for the next-gen device. UK-based Lionhead Studios, creator of the “Fable” series, is also reportedly working on an unannounced project. Xbox One fans are even speculating that an upcoming “Gears of War” title may be in the works.

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