xbox windows 10
An Xbox app update brings game streaming in full 1080p and 60fps to Windows 10. Major Nelson

Microsoft has announced a new update for the Xbox app on Windows 10 that brings game streaming in full 1080p high definition and 60 frames per second.

The update also brings the ability to manually add games installed on the PC to the Xbox app. Users can select My Games, then “Add a game from your PC” for easy access to games listed in the start menu.

On his blog, Microsoft director of programming for Xbox Live Larry Hryb revealed the update also adds right-click functionality to the friends list, a recently played list, the ability to compare achievements with friends and a new grid view for the My Games list.

The update also delivers disable notifications for multiplayer game and party invites. Under General Settings, a “Party & Game Invitations” screen will give the option to switch off alerts and enjoy games without interruption.

The Xbox app forms part of a larger strategy to unify Microsoft’s app offerings across all its major platforms. The app is not the first time the company has aimed to bring Xbox to Windows: Games for Windows Live was a previous attempt to enable cross-platform play through its online multiplayer service.

On the Xbox itself, Microsoft is bringing a major update in November that will bring a version of Windows 10 to the console. The update will allow the Xbox to run “universal apps,” which can run on any Windows 10-enabled platform after writing once. An update in November will also allow for recording over-the-air TV, which can then be transferred to a portable device for watching on the go.

The update to the Xbox app is currently rolling out automatically. The August update version is 8.8.6000.00000, and it should update itself via the Windows Store.