Xbox One
Microsoft has been aggressive when it comes to marketing the seamless integration of Windows 10 and Xbox One. Microsoft/Xbox (via the Xbox Wire)

With the introduction of the Windows 10, the gaming experience for Xbox One players has expanded. Microsoft has been very aggressive when it comes to marketing the seamless integration of the two devices.

Previously, the company released a how-to guide on streaming games from the Xbox One to other Windows 10 devices. It’s fairly easy to follow, with users needing only Windows 10 on a PC and an Xbox Live account. Just plug the Xbox One into the Windows 10 device, and start streaming the games via the Xbox app.

While this is easy in theory, fans may be wondering how simple it really is. Gamezone said the user interface is pretty easy to follow. As far as the actual streaming experience is concerned using a wired connection to stream and play games did not pose any problems.

The source did point out one potential issue: screen freezing. Once the stream starts, those who are in full screen will reportedly experience picture freeze. The current remedy is to escape from the full screen and put it into window form.

For those who have yet to try out the streaming component, a slight lag is also expected at the start. The explanation offered for this is that the two devices are still getting in tuned with each other.

On a more practical note, the streaming feature between Xbox One and the Windows 10 is something that may not be as widely used among players. While this is the main goal, the actual use of this feature has not yet been established.

This may change, if only for the growing list of achievements on Xbox Live. Gamepur spotted an infographics featuring more than 100,000 achievements that can be attained via Xbox and the Windows 10 platforms.

Players who want to unlock achievement points can choose from any of the 3,100 games that currently have the ability to unlock 2,300,277 Gamerscore points. More than 70 percent of these Gamerscore points can be unlocked using the Xbox 360.

Still, with the launch of Windows 10 and its integration with the Xbox One, it’s expected more achievements will be released this year in addition to the achievements expected from upcoming 2015 games.

Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming (Credit: YouTube/THE RED DRAGON)