• Walmart may have a new stock of Xboxes Thursday as per its usual schedule
  • Best Buy might have more consoles in stock Friday, but it remains unlikely
  • Target and Antonline also may restock Friday

More Xbox Series X|S consoles are on the horizon this week with a few stores planning on stocking up for another wave of buyers in the U.S.

Best Buy and Walmart are on the list for a quick restock before this week ends, with the latter being expected to sell more new Xboxes as early as Thursday, following last week’s restock predictions courtesy of Tech Radar’s Matt Swider. Those who missed the recent Amazon restock can look forward to getting another shot at getting an Xbox of their own before the week ends.

Walmart is expected to have a fresh set of Xbox Series X and S consoles by Thursday, following a one week gap from their previous restock. The store normally has a new stock of next-gen gaming consoles every other week, but this month they have been more consistent with a weekly restock schedule. If this pattern keeps up, then hopeful buyers may be able to get their hands on a new Xbox before the day ends.

Buyers can expect a new stock of Xbox Series X and S consoles if Swider’s prediction is true, but Walmart offers online orders only and delivery can take anywhere between one week to one month.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X
Microsoft recently released their next-gen Xbox Series X that brings extraordinary power and flexibility. The newest console allows users to play thousands of games, including classic titles at amazing performance. The Xbox Series X’s engineering brings gaming to life with beautiful graphics and dynamic processing power. JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images

On the other hand, Best Buy is expected to hold more stock by Friday, but odds are somewhat stacked against it. Swider notes that the electronics retailer hasn’t had any Xbox Series X|S consoles in over a month, which is odd for a store its size. However, there are rumors that Best Buy restocks every Friday.

Swider’s Twitter tracker sends alerts when one of its contact stores plans to sell new consoles, typically a few hours before they actually start selling. Buyers who are hoping to get a new console as quickly and easily as possible are advised to follow his account to get the latest news as soon as they appear.

Other stores like Target and Antonline are also expected to restock by the end of the week, assuming that the stores stick to their usual patterns.