• Source codes of the original Xbox game console have leaked out
  • Microsoft confirms these are authentic source codes
  • Game emulators have another model to feast on

Hackers are expected to make the most out of the COVID-19 break by hunting for prey online. With most folks logged online, the Internet has become a goldmine for techies who want to put their breaching skills to the test. Not long after source codes of some Nintendo game consoles came out, new leaks show the same for the original Xbox.

Reports came out recently that the original Xbox source codes as well one for the Windows NT 3.5 leaked online. It appears these are authentic with Microsoft representatives confirming them with The Verge. For some, these leaks may no longer matter. These are passe game consoles and may be of no use. However, one group that could benefit from these leaks is console emulators. It is no different from the case concerning the 1996 Nintendo 64 and Wii. Like the original Xbox, these are consoles no longer available in the market.

Hence, the next best thing for people who love to relive the good old days is to wait for emulator versions of the consoles and play games associated with them. However, companies like Microsoft have taken a hard stance on these matters. But this has not stopped select individuals from coming out with emulators, something that could lead to some legal implication.

The reason behind that is people trying to make a profit out of something not legally theirs. Some do it for fun which could be fine for as long as it does not spread. But technically, it is illegal with copyright infringement written all over. Nintendo is likely to do the same thing. Ironically, it may also be interesting if this Xbox console leak is the only one. As mentioned in a previous post, the leaked codes for the Nintendo 64 and the Wii are believed to be one small part of bigger caches.

Like Nintendo, it remains to be seen if Microsoft will weigh in heavily on these leaks. The attention right now is on the coming Xbox Series X which has yet to get an official release date. Technically, Microsoft is using an emulator of its own. The Xbox One allows gamers to continue to play games for the Xbox and Xbox 360, titles which some gamers still want to play until now.

Some say the next Xbox will be 'the most powerful console ever'
Some say the next Xbox will be 'the most powerful console ever' AFP / ROBYN BECK