A young Florida mom has been accused of suffocating her 10-month-old son, Malachi, to death. These new updates come after the mother was able to raise more than $4,000 on a fundraising page to cover the infant’s funeral expenses months prior before allegedly confessing to the senseless crime.

Victoria Jackson, 24, was arrested for murder Friday after confessing to detectives that she viciously pressed a pillow over baby Malachi’s face until he stopped breathing in late May, WFTS News reported.

On May 24, Jackson frantically called 911 informing operatives that she had found her 10-month-old unresponsive in his crib. One week later she proceeded to create a GoFundMe page to fund the expenses for the funeral.

The GoFundMe logo. GoFundMe

Jackson told people through the crowdfunding page that she wanted to give her son the best memorial service she can.

"He died last Friday night. I’ve never been so heartbroken in my life. Please help me take care of my baby one last time,” she wrote to ask for help in funding baby Malachi's funeral.

The page was shared abundantly and was able to raise more than $4,000. However, GoFundMe representatives said that the page was taken down Saturday after Jackson’s confession. The representatives also informed new outlets that those who made payment to the page would also be refunded, the New York Post reported.

Many were saddened by the tragic death of the infant. Those who knew Jackson were quick in assisting the mother in paying for expenses. Individuals such as Marah Gonzales, who informed WFTS that she went to high school with Jackson, said that she donated to the fundraiser, as well.

“It was just kind of so manipulative to the point she was consistently reaching out, and consistently like please donate to this, and this, but with very very little details,” The New York Post reports Gonzales said.“It’s definitely a tragedy, but it’s definitely like a sobering thing to understand things like this do happen,” Gonzales shared.

According to the New York Post, Jackson appeared in court Saturday and is currently being held in jail without bond.