Prince Harry’s son, Archie, looks exactly like him when he was much younger. And the Duke of Sussex’s throwback photos can prove that this is the case.

In one of his snaps from the 1980s, Prince Harry is being carried by Prince Charles. Even though his face is not directly facing the camera, the shape of his face looks exactly like the shape of Archie’s face.

The Duke of Sussex’s nose, eyebrows, lips, and hair color is pretty much like Archie’s too. But it seems that Prince Harry was a bit bigger than Archie when he was still a baby. This is quite surprising since Archie weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces during his birth, while his dad only weighed 7 pounds.

Archie also inherited the color of Prince Harry’s skin. Unlike his mom who is African-American and has a darker skin tone, Archie’s skin is very fair. But as Archie grows up, it is possible that his face, built, and skin would also change.

Meanwhile, it seems that there is one thing that Archie inherited from his mom, Meghan Markle. Weeks ago, the adorable baby stepped out with his parents during their tour of South Africa.

Eagle-eyed fans said that Archie’s eyes are very similar to the eyes of Markle.

“Yes!! I think he may have Meghan‘s eyes. He is absolutely beautiful. He looks so happy too! They look like such wonderful parents; I knew they would be,” one royal fan tweeted.

“Archie's eyes are like Meghan's!!! (She has to get some credit too ),” another royal fan posted.

But some royal fans also claimed that Archie is quite cross-eyed. And if this is the case, this means that Markle was also quite cross-eyed as a child. A throwback photo of the Duchess of Sussex seems to negate this claim. It is also possible that Archie isn’t really cross-eyed since his eyes are still developing.