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On Thursday's episode of the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless," Nikki will demand the truth by confronting Victor about it. The episode will focus on Nikki (Melody Thomas-Scott), Jack (Peter Bergman), Victor (Eric Braeden), Summer (Hunter King), Marisa (Sofia Pernas), Gabe/Adam (Justin Hartley) and Noah (Robert Adamson).

The events follow Wednesday's episode, which showed Adam calling for a meeting with the intention of revealing the truth to his employees. Sage's life with Nick ended up getting jeopardized because of various events happening with Adam, the Newmans and the Abbotts. Plus, Phyllis teamed up with Ashley against Victor. And Victoria had an argument with Billy.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Young And The Restless" spoilers.

TV Guide reports in Thursday's episode, Nikki will confront Victor about what really happened at Chancellor Park on the day Jack was shot. Meanwhile, Summer is curious about Marisa and Noah's budding relationship.

Soaps.sheknows.com reports that Chelsea will stop Adam from confessing his real identity. Ashley will celebrate with Ben as he receives good news. Marisa will visit Victor. And Sage makes plans to leave Genoa City.

Adam says goodbye to Chelsea and Connor. He tells Chelsea that he doesn't plan on incriminating Billy for shooting him. Chelsea will cry because of this. Sage will talk to Nick at the Underground. Sage confesses that she's afraid that her future wouldn't be what she envisioned. Nick will reassure her before going to a meeting with Adam. He tells her not to worry about Gabriel. Sage will write a letter of apology to Nick about helping Adam keep his secret.

Noah will not be forthcoming about his interest in Marisa and their involvement. As for Nikki, she will talk to Phyllis and Ashley at the hospital. She reveals to them that Victor has requested that she find Jack's gun. Nikki thinks that Gabe/Adam hid it in Chelsea's place.

The show posted a preview video for its Thursday episode on its official YouTube channel. It shows several scenes featuring Nikki, Phyllis, Victor, Marisa and Adam. Phyllis tells Nikki that she's the key to getting the truth from Victor's mouth. As for Victor, he will be surprised by Marisa visiting him in jail. Marisa will introduce herself and tell Victor that they share a common friend. Plus, Adam starts to tell everyone in the meeting he arranged that Gabriel Bingham is no longer with them.

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