• Dwayne Johnson noted how Ray Lewis surprised him
  • "We bonded like brothers immediately," Johnson said
  • Johnson will be next seen in the superhero movie, "Black Adam"

The new NBC hit comedy "Young Rock" chronicles the key moments in Dwayne Johnson's life, one of which was meeting football legend Ray Lewis.

Johnson, 48, took to Instagram on Tuesday to talk about meeting Lewis for the first time and bonding with him. The actor said Lewis was a "TRUE FRESHMAN."

"I was always THE hardest worker in the room... until @raylewis," he admitted. "Took me by surprise when I came to get my usual 5am workout in and there was this hungry freshman linebacker named Ray Lewis already clangin’ & bangin’ before me!"

"Thru blood, sweat and iron - we bonded like brothers immediately and we LOVED pushing the hell outta each other in the weight room," he added. "Push each other beyond our pain thresholds to chase greatness."

"Ray was a TRUE FRESHMAN when he cracked the starting lineup for our Hurricanes — and then of course Ray went on the become THE GREATEST LINEBACKER the world has ever seen," he noted. "I’ll always be extremely proud that he became the GOAT and I became famous for rockin’ a fanny pack."

"#BreakOfDawnBoys #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #RockAndRay DON’T MISS YOUNG ROCK TONIGHT @8PM on @NBC!!!!" he concluded.

Johnson has been actively promoting the sitcom "Young Rock," which is based on his real-life events. Before the actor began his career as a professional wrestler, he played as a defensive tackle on behalf of the University of Miami in 1991.

Later in 1995, he went on to join the Canadian Football League as a linebacker. However, the actor started his wrestling career in 1996.

Johnson is currently filming for his upcoming superhero movie, "Black Adam," which is slated to release on July 29 next year. He has kept his fans updated through social media about the "Black Adam" movie and his workout regime for it.

Last week, the actor posted a post-workout photo of himself and captioned it, "Intensely long work week and grateful to release it all on the iron. I know you know. #DoNotGoGentle #bumaye."

Johnson will also feature in the action pack movie, "Fast and Furious 10," which is scheduled to release on April 2 next year. He will also share the screen space with actress Emily Blunt in an adventure fantasy, "Jungle Cruise," which is slated to release on July 30, 2021.

Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson, pictured June 10, 2016 at the Warner Bros Premiere of "Central Intelligence," the actor's new movie "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" unveiled its first trailer to the public Thursday. Photo: Getty Images