While he may frequently appear as serious and formal in most interviews and live broadcasts, BTS' RM actually has another side to him, and it shows in the lyrics of songs he's written in the past.

Here are five of RM's sexiest lyrics in English translations.


In this track, the self-confessed art lover got a little feisty and rapped, "This is the cocktail bar that RM has laid out/You'll drink them as I give them/Please subdue my flame, after just taking out my fire/'Ah, oppa, I like it, please hit me a little more'."


This track was composed by RM in 2015 when he was 21. In the song, he raps, "A brain that's better than those dumb**s hyungs (older brothers) and an open chest/You'll soon get soaked through so make sure to bring along some underwear."

"Buckubucku by MFBTY

This 2015 track by Korean hip hop group MFBTY composed of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-Rae and Bizzy got RM rapping about being shy to rap in front of older performers. While his lines are reminiscent of his younger, pre-American Music Awards days, the craziest lines of the song are enough to raise the eyebrows of conservative fans.

It goes, "My size is bigger than the real estate mister/My lady, don't go anywhere, look at me/I'm not there yet, don't come, it's not the right time."

"All Night" by BTS & Juice WRLD

The track itself is full of suggestive lyrics but it is the way that RM delivers this line in the track that makes it even more sensual: "We keep ridin'/ The whole night/ Hold on tight/We keep all the party in this room all night."

"Trouble" by RM & Jin

This is a pre-BTS debut track produced by Big Hit Music founder Bang Si-Hyuk. RM was only 18 when he made this collaborative track with bandmate Jin and it exudes his sexy side, especially in the verses: "'Sup, so seductive/so sexy, yeah/I am ready but you're not, girl/Show me what you got/Your body hits the spot."

On the work front, RM and alternative K-pop group Balming Tiger released their first collaborative track, "Sexy Nukim" on Friday. The track's music video quickly gained nearly 3 million views in less than 24 hours since its upload on YouTube.

BTS leader RM aka Namjoon bts.bighitofficial/Instagram