At CES 2016, Robert Kyncl YouTube’s chief business officer announced YouTube will soon support HDR video, allowing streams to see more detail in videos.

YouTube added support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on Monday.

HDR improves picture quality with higher contracts, so you’ll be able to see more vibrant colors and see more from darker scenes. However, not every consumer will be able to enjoy YouTube’s new HDR videos, as it’s rolling out to the market.

If you currently own an HDR-enabled TV, you can view HDR content on various YouTube channels that go live with the new content, such as Abandon Visuals, MysteryGuitarMan and Jacob + Katie Schwarz, says Google.

You’ll even be able to stream HDR content through Google’s latest Chromecast Ultra device, which was released earlier this year with 4K and HDR support.

HDR is only available on HDR TVs - like Samsung’s 2016 SUHD. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to upgrade an older TV to support HDR, so you’ll need to buy a brand new TV.

In time, Google says it will work with more partners to enable HDR videos on their channels. LG and Sony will soon be releasing new 4K sets which HDR support built in, and PC makers will soon be following in their footsteps.

YouTube is making HDR video upload a new option starting on Monday. The company says it worked with the DaVinci Resolve team to upload HDR video. YouTube Spaces in LA and NYC also offer the gear needed to produce HDR content.