YouTube has rolled out a new version of its iOS app. The update brings favorable changes to iPhones with screens smaller than the 5.5-inch displays of the Plus variants. However, this may not be enough for some users.

On Tuesday, YouTube released version 11.49 of its app for Apple’s mobile operating system. Based on its release notes, this update adds an On the Rise tab to the UI of the U.S. version of the app. This tab is dedicated to emerging creators and artists.

Aside from the new section, YouTube also proudly shared that more iOS users will now have access to crystal clear High Definition content. The video-sharing platform indicated that more iPhone and iPad users will have the privilege of watching 1080p videos when they are connected to a WiFi network.

This update is great news to users of iPhones with 4.7-inch and 4-inch displays. Before, these devices were limited to resolutions less than 1080p. The highest that these iPhones could render was 720p. With the new update, the maximum video resolution options have been increased.

The iPhone 6, 6s and 7 that launched with 4.7-inch screens can now display content at 1440p resolution, provided the video being viewed has this resolution. On the other hand, the iPhone SE and other iPhones with 4-inch displays will now be able to display videos with 1080p resolutions, according to GSMArena.

While this is good news to many iPhone users, they should know that the iOS app still does not come with the 1440p at 60fps option. The 60fps frame rate is still limited to 1080p at this point. Another downside here is the implementation of the new resolution options on the iPad line. The app for Apple’s tablet is still stuck with 1080p resolution even though the latest versions already have displays with more than 1080p screen resolution.