YouTube now automatically credits artists and record labels of music used in videos. Reuters/Dado Ruvic

YouTube has added a new feature to its video-streaming platform. The feature automatically identifies and credits music used in videos.

On Wednesday, Google revealed on the YouTube for Artists Blog that it has added the new feature, called “Music in this video,” to the video-sharing service. According to Google, the feature is designed to help users identify songs in videos that they have stumbled upon and instantly liked.

The company stated that “Music in this video” credits the “heroes” who came up with the music users love across the millions and millions of video content available on YouTube. “The feature will provide credits and music discovery information on both music videos and … fan-uploaded content that features recorded music.”

“Music in this video” reportedly uses the same technology behind YouTube’s Content ID, as pointed out by Android Police. Once it is done identifying the tracks, it will present details about the artists, songwriters, labels and publishers and even the links to the Official Artist Channels and official music videos (if available) in the “Show more” option below the videos.

“‘Music in this video’ strives to provide greater recognition and exposure to the people who contribute to the creative process. It also provides more opportunities for artists and songwriters to reach YouTube’s diverse audience, whether those viewers come to the platform for music videos, science experiments or beauty vlogs!”

Content ID is a technology that enables copyright owners to identify and manage their content on YouTube. The technology is made possible by YouTube’s partnerships with record labels, music publishers and music rights societies. In the future, YouTube wants all creators to be credited completely and accurately, and it plans to do so by expanding its scope and quality of data with the help of its industry partners.