A young man was taught a nature lesson when he tried to recover the body of a dead whale and ended up getting attacked by hungry sharks.

He had toured the waters of Massachusetts when the surprise beset him. As seen on the YouTube video which has since gone viral, he ran into a dead whale.

He then decided it would be a good idea to remove the remains of the whale from the sea and that was when he realized he had just taken food from the mouths of sharks, which were not amused by his stunt.

According to wildlife experts, the humpback whale which the man tried to rescue had previously fallen into the trap of the sharks. They had already torn the whale apart by the time the man had come upon it, and they were in feeding mode.

The photographs which went viral showed the huge sharks coming out of the water and showing their sharp teeth.

The short YouTube video captured the moment when the man tried to remove the dead whale from the sea using a net. He had no idea that maneuver would cost him dearly as the sharks had been feeding on the whale.

The fisherman described in the YouTube video the large Great White sharks feeding on the dead humpback were 20 feet long. He could be seen exclaiming, terrified for his life that he had unknowingly annoyed such great beasts.

The video has since gone viral and has trended in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Sightings of the great whites have led to many beaches being forced to close especially the ones on the coast of Massachusetts and Nantucket.

This is because of the apparent risk to the beach population and the history of Great Whites with human fatalities.

The video has since been shared on the RT page and accumulated 22,000 views, not to mention 95 shares.

There have been different perspectives concerning the actions of the man on social media. Obviously, some deemed the act foolish and considered it a fact that sharks are scavengers.

They are known to eat whole carcasses so one ought to expect them to feed on the bodies. They trawl the waters behind ships because they know there is a tendency for them to throw food waste overboard.

Others termed the acts of the fisherman as brave but asked for caution when dealing with marine animals. What’s for sure is the man will not try to do that again.

Shark Pixabay