The future of the solo “Batman” film is a big question mark, when it comes to the actor playing the lead role. Ever since the recent DC superhero movies got mixed reviews, there has been some talk of Ben Affleck getting replaced by another actor to play the Caped Crusader. Now, Zack Snyder has come out in support of the veteran actor to continue to play the role.

According to a report by CBR, Snyder shared an old picture of Affleck as Batman from his film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The director called the veteran actor his “perfect Batman.” The photo, posted on CBR, is a “Leica monochrome 50mm” shot of Affleck in costume, standing in front of his Batmobile.

Readers may remember this picture as one of the first images of Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe. This picture was also subject to many memes online, with fans dubbing it as Sad Man. The films in this shared universe off late have become a little more vibrant, and there has been the use of light-hearted scenes and humor. “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman” have become Box Office hits, but there is no clarity about the future of the solo flick of the Caped Crusader.

The report, however, notes that Affleck is the perfect Batman. The latest iteration of this character is an ageing crime fighter who has been active for two decades. The report notes that Affleck was able to capture the emotional core of his character in his performance in “Dawn of Justice.”

While Affleck may have the support of people in the industry, it seems unlikely that he will be reprising his role any time soon. According to a report by Forbes, Affleck will be busy with some of his other projects like “The Has-Been,” “The Accountant,” and “Witness for the Prosecution.” This means that he won’t have a lot of time to be a part of the upcoming solo flick of the Caped Crusader.

The report also considers Affleck to be the best actor to portray the role of Batman. It also points out that this new iteration of the character is comic book accurate. However, credible reports are suggesting that Affleck will be replaced with another actor for the upcoming film.

Matt Reeves will be directing the “Batman” solo film. He is also working on the script, and he submitted some pages of the script earlier this year. The casting of the lead role hasn’t yet been confirmed. An increasingly vocal segment of the fans base is reportedly not happy with the possibility that Affleck will not be reprising the role as the Caped Crusader.