In a world full of vampires, lives quickly come and go. With Russell Edgington strong and on the loose, it looks like no one is safe.

Bill And Eric's Fate

With Roman staked by prisoner Russell Edgington, Bill and Eric are back behind bars at the Vampire Authority. The two seem to realize that they were just pawns for the Sanguinistas, used to deliver Roman's killer right to him. Eric seems to have also come to his senses about Nora. It seems like his sister isn't everything he thought she was.

They're going to need to do some serious brown nosing or hope for an overthrow of the Vampire Authority if they want to ever be released.

Sookie's Microwave Hands

Turns out that Sookie only has limited microwave hands. Fairy Claudine's sisters warn Sookie that she will run out of her magic if she uses it too much, but the thought of being human is too enticing for Sookie.

Lafayette's Magic

Lafayette gained some serious magic from Jesus, and while he doesn't seem to want it, his deceased boyfriend's scary abuelo does. Lafayette goes to the abuelo after Ruby Jean tells him that Jesus is in danger. It looks like Lafayette might be the one in danger now, because the abuelo wants the magic inside him and he could care less about the price.

Tara's Old Life Visits Her Vampire Self

Decked out in a dominatrix outfit at Fangtasia, Tara's mom asks her How could you do this to me? Since Tara never really did care for her recovering alcoholic mother, she replies with a flash of her fangs.

It's Russell Edgington

Russell is wasting no time in letting everyone know that he is free in the world. As J.D. says, a war between the vampires and humans is coming. Expect a lot of bloodshed.

Episode seven of True Blood airs on Sunday, July 22 at 9 P.M. on HBO.

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