"The X Factor" premiered its second season Wednesday evening, and one group of singers really stood out above the rest. L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were all in awe after one performance, and its definitely a group you'll want to keep an eye out for. So, who had the crowd standing up and dancing and all four judges saying 'yes?' Emblem3!

Originally from Sequim, Wash., and currently residing in Huntington Beach, Calif., Emblem3 is made up of three teens who call themselves brothers, although only two of them are blood-related. The group consists of Wesley Stromberg, 18, Drew Chadwick, 19, and Keaton Stromberg, 15. Don't mistake Emblem3 as a boy band though. The group made it clear that they play their own instruments, and have no interest in being the next Backstreet Boys. In fact, the group's Facebook page explains that their sound is what would result if "Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz had a baby and Lil Wayne was babysitting."

Heading out on stage, the boys surprised Reid when they said that they wouldn't be covering a song for the judges. Instead, they sang "Sunset Blvd," an original.

"Sunset Blvd" was a mix of pop, hip-hop and reggae and by the look of the camera, had everyone loving it. The ladies in the crowd stood screaming as the surprised judges swayed and even ended up singing along at the end. Overall, Emblem3 wowed everyone at their "X Factor" tryout.

Grabbing a yes from all four judges, Cowell went as far as to tell the group that "I predict big things for you guys going forward." Lovato followed Cowell's praise with her own, telling Emblem3 that "I can't wait to hear you guys on the radio."

Viewers watching from home must have felt the same way as the judges, because the group took to their Twitter page on Wednesday night to express their gratitude.

"Thank you to all of our new fans! We freaking love everyone so much! This is crazy! #thexfactor #Emblem3"

If you missed Emblem3's performance on "The X Factor's" premiere Wednesday night, fret not. The trio will be moving forward in the singing competition, and you can listen to their original song, "Sunset Blvd" below.