One person has died and six were injured after a multi-vehicle crash in Florida late Wednesday.

The “fiery” eight-car crash forced authorities to shut down a portion of an interstate, said ABC News.

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Responding to reports that a tractor-trailer was found burning on the side of Interstate 75, The Pasco Fire Rescue closed I-75 between Bruce B. Downs and State Road 56.

Firefighters controlled the blaze and said there was one fatality and four trauma alerts from the crash.

After further investigation, the agency updated their count to five ALS patients and one trauma alert, while another two were immediately checked by emergency services that arrived on the scene.

The patients were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa for treatment.

car crash Representational image of a car crash. Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

The Florida Highway Patrol said the driver of the semi-trailer truck heading north didn’t stop as traffic ahead began to slow down and stop, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

On April 30, three persons died after a van veered head-on to an oncoming car on State Road 60 near Yeehaw Junction.

In another accident, four students suffered minor injuries after their school bus crashed in Mango on March 29. The driver of the Hillsborough County Public Schools bus failed to stop in time while they were approaching an intersection and caused a chain reaction to two more cars.