While “The 100” was wrapping up Season 5 at the end of July and early August, star Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake) was busy getting his knee wrapped up after having surgery.

When International Business Times caught up with the actor at New York Comic Con in early October, we asked how his recovery was going and how, if at all, the injury was affecting the filming of Season 6 of his CW series.

Production on the post-apocalyptic show was delayed a week for him, but that wasn’t nearly enough time for him to fully heal up. At the time of the interview, the cast and crew were getting ready to shoot Season 6, episode 5 and while Morley was feeling “better,” he still had to make some changes with his scenes.

“I mean, I had a lot of different doubles come in [that] would run and walk for me,” he told IBT. “There’s a lot of Bellamy scenes where he’s sitting down. I mean, having an injury sucks.”

He continued: “I like to be physically active and all that stuff. So, to not be able to walk since July 20 ’til like [late September] is pretty frustrating. So, it affected me, in a big way. And maybe a little bit of the show.”

There’s currently no Season 6 premiere date set for “The 100,” but when it does return in 2019, fans will apparently see the usually-active Bellamy sitting down a bit more, as well as more body doubles tapping in for his action sequences.