“Shadowhunters” doesn’t return until next year, but star Katherine McNamara (Clary) shared some scoop with International Business Times to hold everyone over.

The last 12 episodes — 10 episodes of Season 3B and a two-part series finale — of Freeform’s fantasy series, which was canceled back in June, will begin airing on Feb. 25, 2019. When the Season 3B premiere date arrives, the show will start to take “the entire world that we know and love and [turn] it on its head,” McNamara told IBT.

After the events of the Season 3A finale, which saw an explosion seemingly take out Lilith (Anna Hopkins), Clary and her brother, everyone’s forever changed. One of the characters affected most, though, is Clary.

“She will never be the same,” the actress said. “She will never go back to the person that she was. She can never be that person again after what happened.”

When “Shadowhunters” starts back up, a short amount of time will pass before Clary appears again. Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and Simon (Alberto Rosende) believed her to be gone forever at the end of the last episode, and that will continue into the Season 3B premiere. The show will take a look at how all the characters are handling what they went through in that last episode and what they’re continuing to go through because of all that happened.

“You see how people are dealing with this new state of events, in which Magnus [Harry Shum Jr.] has no magic, and Clary’s gone,” McNamara said. “But it hits everyone differently, and everybody handles it in their own way, and it’s very indicative, not only of the characters but of their relationship with Clary, how they process this.”

kat mcnamara shadowhunters 3b original
Katherine McNamara said the events of the Season 3A finale (pictured) of “Shadowhunters” changed all the characters forever. Freeform/John Medland

Although the show returns on a not-so-happy note, over the course of the final 12 episodes, there will be good moments for the characters. While McNamara originally could only eke out, with a strained voice, a dragging, “Uh…,” when asked if Clary will be happy in the end, or even for just a short while, she eventually conceded that there will be some “good pockets of happiness” for her.

“There’s actually some really beautiful stuff in 3B,” she said. “Some really beautiful stuff, some really romantic stuff, some really sweet stuff, some really heartfelt stuff. But there’s also a lot of heartbreaking stuff. There’s also a lot of things that — you need tissues for happy and sad things, let me put it that way.”

She continued: “But, in the end, it’s a very bittersweet season. And I think it’s only fitting because the way the show ended was very bittersweet, and the way everything happened was very bittersweet. Having the show end on a bittersweet note, I think, works.”

shadowhunters 3b original
“Shadowhunters” returns on Feb. 25, 2019. Freeform

Overall, Season 3B will be intense and will hit a lot of different emotions, but the actress broke it down a little bit more, giving some specifics about the new episodes. She believes “these last 12 are the best episodes we’ve ever done,” with a different reason for liking each one.

“I’m going through them in my head. I’m like, ‘Oh, [Season 3, episode] 11’s fantastic, but so is 12, and 13 is crazy, and 14 is bonkers,’” she said. “Fifteen is one of my favorites. Fifteen’s special, not only story-wise but one of our ADs, one of our assistant directors — who was a second AD first season, a first AD Season 2 and 3 — it’s his directorial debut of a television series. And he did a fantastic job, and we loved working with him. I’m so excited for that episode.”

As for the final three episodes of “Shadowhunters”? It doesn’t seem like fans will be disappointed.

“Ooh, 20. There’s an epic fight in 20,” she revealed, before fawning over the two-part series finale. “Then 21 and 22 — I just — they’re everything.”

To make sure fans truly understand how great the ending episodes are, she reiterated, “They’re everything.”

See it all go down when “Shadowhunters” Season 3B premieres on Freeform on Feb. 25, 2019.