The 100 season 1 premiere
What happened during the series premiere of "The 100"? The 100

Are you prepared for the apocalypse? If not, you may want to start working on your safety bunker now! Or at least, that’s the advice we give you after watching the series premiere of The CW shows “The 100.” The pilot episode, written by the show’s creator Jason Rothenberg, was chock full of drama; from teenage rebellion to man-eating river snakes—“The 100” is definitely a series that will make your skin crawl.

Are you curious to find out what happened during the first episode of the post-apocalyptic drama? Read our recap below:

The new series, based on Kass Morgan’s novel, follows the story of the human race struggling as they attempt to survive life after Earth’s destruction nearly 97 years ago. With oxygen, food, water and medical supplies running low, the Arc, which is the space sanction of the remaining survivors, is now looking for new ways to keep their society alive. And ironically, it’s by killing a vast majority of it’s population in hopes of continuing the human race.

Not only is the Arc considering sacrificing several of it’s innocent civilians but they’ve also banned 100 juveniles down to Earth to see if the abandoned planet is livable after the devastating nuclear war. This is considered a blessing in disguise for the young rebels. Typically, those who go against the laws of the Arc are sentenced to death, like Clarke’s father who was killed after he found out the blood that would be spilled in hopes of spreading supplies longer.

Among the Earth-bound prisoners is Clarke, who portrays the traits of a true leader. While her fellow comrades are using Earth as an excuse to finally let loose, the determined character sets out to Mount Weather to find safety and food. Clarke is joined by a small group while the remaining juveniles stay behind, thus beginning anarchy. And the leader of all the chaos is Octavia’s brother, Bellamy, who came down to Earth to protect his younger sister.

Bellamy told Octavia that he did something so evil that it would inevitably get him killed. That’s why Bellamy is so persistent of getting the juveniles to take off their wristbands. The metal bracelets keep the Arc updated on the juvenile’s vital signs—a.k.a if they are alive or dead. If the Arc sees that the rebels have all died, they won’t think it’s safe to return to Earth, which means the teens won’t ever get to see their families again—that’s if they survive.

On Earth, the juveniles come into contact with glowing forests, flowing rivers and even get to experience rain for the first time. But not everything is honkey dory on the third planet from the sun. The rebels are faced with major unpleasantries like two-headed deer, slithering water monsters and people—or at least that’s what we think attacked the space invaders with spears.

Not only will the juveniles be fighting against each other, but they’ll also be trying to survive with Earthlings who aren’t as friendly as one might have guessed. That’s how the pilot episode ended, with a shard of wood getting thrown through the chest of a juvenile.

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