alycia debnam carey
Alycia Debnam Carey recently opened up about her life after leaving "The 100." Picured: Actress attends Dion Lee Front Row September 2016 during New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 Studios on Sept. 10 in New York City. Robin Marchant/Getty Images

“The 100” Season 4 won’t be airing until next year, but there’s already one character we’re sure to be missing next season.

Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Lexa met a tragic end in “The 100” Season 3, and it looks like she definitely won’t be back in the upcoming installment of The CW series. The actress, 23, recently sat down for an interview with W magazine, where she talked about a variety of topics, including “The 100,” her life after leaving the series and her role in “Fear the Walking Dead.”

The death of Lexa – the lesbian commander of the allied Grounder clans in “The 100” — at the hands of Titus (Neil Sandilands) sparked outrage and dismay among loyal fans of the series, especially among the LGBTQ community. In addition, Lexa and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) had just slept together, and fans were upset when “Clexa’s” relationship never went any further than this. The fan backlash was so immense that it grabbed the attention of creator Jason Rothenberg and Debnam-Carey herself, who is in awe of how passionate the fans of the series can be.

“’The 100’ has such ferociously passionate fans. They created a movement. Teen fandom is so potent. Any choice they make in pop culture forces the rest of the world to take notice,” she told the magazine.

However, Debnam-Carey has moved on from “The 100” and is currently focused on her role in AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” where she plays model student Alicia Clark. In fact, when was asked to comment on Lexa’s controversial death in Season 3 at the Copenhagen Comic-Con over the weekend, she only said (via Hypable), “Watch ‘Fear the Walking Dead!’ A little promo.”

But this doesn’t mean Debnam-Carey is completely ignoring questions about her stint on “The 100.” During her second Q&A panel at the first ever Comic-Con in Copenhagen, the actress revealed which scene was the saddest for her to film in The CW series, saying it was her character’s death. When asked how Lexa’s story may have developed had she not died, Debnam-Carey said she would have liked to see her “fall from grace, stage a coup and regain power.” The actress also dished that she would have liked to film more scenes with Richard Harmon and Lindsey Morgan.

As for Lexa and Clarke, Debnam-Carey shared that it had been “awkward” filming the “Clexa” sex scene because “the crew pranked [them] by playing Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ during the first take.”

The Aussie actress also talked about the circumstances surrounding her exit, debunking rumors claiming she left because she’d felt her character was not being handled properly. She clarified that the filming schedule for “The 100” conflicted with that of “Fear the Walking Dead,” so she had to choose one. “It had nothing to do with the story. A lot of it was scheduling conflicts. It wasn’t to be hurtful,” she told the publication, noting that the writers did not set out to intentionally harm the LGBTQ community by killing off her lesbian character.

“The 100” Season 4 is expected to air in the first quarter of 2017 on The CW. Meanwhile, catch Debnam-Carey when “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 airs every Sunday on AMC.