Season 6 of “The 100” isn’t just a new chapter of the show but a whole new book.

What does that mean in terms of the characters fans know and love, as well as the planet and characters they’re about to meet? International Business Times asked star Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and creator Jason Rothenberg to break it all down.

“There’s a lot of the same feels, obviously, with our same characters, but we are introducing a bunch more human beings into our cast, which is super exciting,” Taylor told IBT at New York Comic Con in October.

She continued: “I think one real, main thing — that I’m allowed to talk about — is... that we’re trying to do better, as were Monty’s [Christopher Larkin] last words in the finale is just do better there and don’t screw up this new planet. So, there’s a lot more conversation, and a lot more, sort of, making amends for the things that we’ve done — in ourselves and to the other characters.”

The actress mentioned more humans joining for the new story, but she also revealed there will be “some very alien-type things on this new planet.”

Rothenberg wouldn’t expand on Taylor’s tease of new creatures, but he did share a little more about the planet as a whole.

“We know it’s got two suns,” he told IBT at NYCC. “Those two suns affect the world in really extreme ways that we reveal pretty much right up front.”

He continued: “In terms of the people… Eligius III is the mission that Monty was trying to crack that code on and did and found where they went, and it’s 200 years later — they’ve been there for 200 years, and, so, what we find is what they have left behind. What they have created, I guess. And, you know, what that means, you’ll have to wait and see, but a lot of this season is about what happened to Eligius III.”

The mysteries surrounding the new planet and the Eligius III mission start to unravel when “The 100” Season 6 premieres on The CW on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT.