It’s been exactly five years since “The 100” first premiered on The CW on March 19, 2014, and stars Bob Morley (Bellamy) and Eliza Taylor (Clarke) couldn’t help but reminisce recently about how much they and their onscreen chemistry have grown since the show’s debut.

Bellamy and Clarke started as co-leaders in Season 1, but a lot’s changed over the years. They’ve continued to work together, they’ve gone behind each other’s backs, they’ve gone off to live and lead their own lives and they’ve broken promises, but the Season 5 finale set it up for them to come back together in Season 6 as co-leaders as they bring their friends and family to a new planet.

Just as “The 100” fans are likely happy to hear the two characters will be spending more time together, the stars themselves were happy when they first got the news, as well.

“The chemistry that Eliza and I have working, I’ve never really had with anyone else, and it’s just such an easy, comfortable thing,” Morley told International Business Times at New York Comic Con in October. “I think it comes back to Season 1… we’re both from the same city in Australia, it’s both our first American gig, [so] we both just intrinsically trusted each other. And I’m really glad that we get to do that.”

He revealed that when it comes to the upcoming Clarke and Bellamy moments in Season 6, “there will be bad ones and sweet ones [because] even if the characters are at odds… the truth of Bellamy and Clarke is still there, and they are two people that need each other and rely on each other.”

Still, the two have a lot to work through if they’re going to try to live and lead together.

“I mean a lot of water’s passed under the bridge, but they still got to mend that bridge before they can accept [their past],” Morley told IBT. “I think they take on what Monty [Christopher Larkin] has said about being the good guys and doing better than we did on the other planet, which is going to be pretty easy considering we blew up the last planet. The bar is set very low.”

He continued: “So, I think they want to respect Monty’s wishes, try and do better and also work as a team. I mean, there’s a reason he woke up the two of them. And I think that he thinks that those two work better when they’re working together. So, to respect Monty and Harper’s [Chelsey Reist] wishes, I think that’s something that they need to do, and I think they’re aware of that.”

Taylor supported Morley’s thought, telling IBT there’s a lot more camaraderie and teamwork, “which is awesome because I love working with the idiot,” she joked while looking around the room for her co-star. “And we just have such a good time. So, yeah, we get to be sort of leaders again, which I like.”

See what this new Bellamy-Clarke team-up looks like when “The 100” Season 6 premieres on The CW on April 30 at 9 p.m. EDT.