A man's trip to the washroom turned into a scary experience after he was bitten in the bum by an 11-foot-long snake that was hiding inside the toilet bowl.

Iskandar Puteri Fire and Rescue Department crew arrived at a home in Gelang Patah, Malaysia, and found a huge python inside the toilet. The snake was removed from the house and released outside, media reports said.

The reptile was spotted last month but images of the rescue effort started circulating online over the weekend.

The fire department posted a series of photos on Facebook showing the snake inside the toilet bowl. The reptile was so big that it broke some of the piping in the toilet. One of the photos showed the fire crew struggling to pull the snake out of the toilet bowl.

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"Be careful in the bathroom after this," one woman commented on the Facebook post. "Don't forget to close the bathroom door too."

One user called the incident "crazy," while another suggested that the snake might have slithered through the pipes and went inside the toilet bowl due to the recent hot weather. It was likely that the snake was seeking a cool place, users said.

"The python was successfully caught using a snake pole and has since been released from the housing area. Snakes usually come out during this hot season to spot for cool and wet spots," Khairi Zainudin, the chief of the fire station, told Indy100.

In August last year, two snake catchers told International Business Times as to why snakes often show up in some unusual and unexpected places.

"Smaller species often get brought inside the home by a cat, larger species end up inside by accident through cat/dog doors and/or flyscreen holes due to temperature. It may be too hot outside so they need to cool off inside on tiles. They also sneak in through doors and windows that are left open for longer than needed. Some species of snakes can slither up the pipework to your toilet/sink/shower, this often happens by accident too, they either were looking for water or they got into a disagreement with a cat and bolted into the sewage," Joshua Castle, a snake catcher from Brisbane, Australia, told IBT at the time.

Burmese python Pixabay