• The incident took place in St. Louis
  • The young boy hit the man with the butt of a pistol
  • It was not revealed if the mother-son duo was taken into custody

An 11-year-old Missouri boy was accused of pistol-whipping a man, while his mother stole the latter's car keys in a horrific carjacking attempt Tuesday, the police said. 

The incident took place in the St. Louis’ Vandeventer neighborhood, where the unidentified victim, who was said to be 48-year-old, encountered the woman and her son at around 8.40 p.m. ET while driving. The duo asked the victim to drop them off at the 4200 block of Page, KMOV4 reported. 

When the man drove them to their destination, the woman allegedly grabbed the keys from the car’s ignition while the boy hit him with a pistol butt, The Kansas City Star reported, citing St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Following this, the woman forced the victim out of his car and drove off. First responders treated the victim after arriving at the scene. The man reportedly refused medical treatment. His condition isn't known as of Friday.

The police said the woman was between the ages of 29 and 40; however, they did not reveal if the mother-son duo was caught. 

"It’s simply so unhappy to listen to one thing like this. It leaves a foul style and stain on our ward," Tell Us Daily quoted Fourth Ward St. Louis Alderwoman Dwinderlin Evans as saying. 

Dr. Muthoni Musangali, who teaches Mental Health Counseling at Webster University, told KSDK-TV the child's violent behavior puts his future in question. "I just think this puts him on a wrong path," he told the publication. "Desensitization to violence at such a young age, it means the young boy may be more likely to engage in violence, aggressive behavior or even criminal activity in the future. That’s what worries me."

In March, two teenage girls were charged with murder after a Uber Eats driver died during their botched carjacking attempt. The girls, aged 13 and 15, targeted the victim, Mohammad Anwar, 66, causing his car to crash and flip. Anwar suffered life-threatening injuries, and was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. Two National Guard troops at the scene pulled the girls out of the car. 

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