A 12-year-old contestant on Season 11 of the reality talent show “America’s Got Talent” has managed to impress the four-panel judges with Simon Cowell describing the contestant as the “next Taylor Swift.”

Episode 2 of “America’s Got Talent” Season 11 that aired on Tuesday featured another group of aspiring singers and performers. However, 12-year old Grace VanderWaal has shocked judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Cowell, Entertainment Weekly reported. VanderWaal took to the stage with her ukulele and sang an original song titled “I Don’t Know My Name.”

VanderWaal’s husky voice and her catchy original tune have surprised the judges, as well as the audience. She also earned a standing ovation after her performance. “America’s Got Talent” judge Mandel appeared the most impressed amongst the show’s judges since he gave VanderWaal a golden buzzer. Young VanderWaal will now advance straight to the show’s live quarterfinal rounds.

Mandel even described VanderWaal as a “living, beautiful, walking miracle” during the show. However, it was Cowell’s comment that surprised the 12-year old contestant. “Grace, you know what I predict for you? I think you are the next Taylor Swift,” the British music producer stated. Cowell also gushed over the young singer while talking with his fellow judges. He commented that VanderWaal is a “great girl” and has a “great personality.”

Cowell also mentioned that they may have found the next big star in VanderWaal. When Mandel asked Cowell during the show whether he thinks they have found a star, the British producer responded positively. “I 100 percent think we have a star now,” Cowell stated.

Meanwhile, in a video interview that featured judge Mandel and VanderWaal that was posted on the show’s YouTube account, he also gushed over the said ukulele playing “America’s Got Talent” contestant. He made mention of how VanderWaal was deserving to go straight to the show’s next round. “I think I’ve found the biggest star in the history of America’s Got Talent,” Mandel added.

The same video that also contained a thank you message from VanderWaal to Mandel was shared by the said “America’s Got Talent” judge on Twitter. He wrote in response, “No. THANK YOU @GraceVanderWaal! This was a sweet message to see from my future superstar!”

“America’s Got Talent” airs every Tuesday on NBC.