A man in Tennessee was shot by the police after his 12-year-old son called 911 and reported that his father was assaulting his mother.

According to Metro Nashville Police Department, deputies responded to a home on the 2100 block of Owen Street at around 9 p.m. on Wednesday (May 13) after they received a 911 call from a 12-year-old boy reporting about an assault.

The boy informed police that his father assaulted his mother, adding that he pushed her down a flight of brick steps outside their home before driving away with her. The boy said he was with his 6-year-old sister and 4-year-old brother while his parents argued all day.

Investigating officers Melissa Flores and Chase Harriman spotted the father, identified as 43-year-old Sekou Allen, driving in the neighborhood with his wife.

When the officials attempted to pull them over, Allen did not stop. He instead ended up stopping in front of his house. He then got out of the car and aggressively charged toward the officers. The officers in an attempt to stop Allen fired a taser gun at him but it had no impact on him.

Allen appeared ready to jump on Harriman who was on the ground after he slipped on gravel and fell onto his back. That’s when Flores, a four-year department veteran, shot him.

"When Allen appeared prepared to jump on Harriman, Flores fired, striking Allen in the leg," a police spokesman said.

According to the officials, Allen was then taken to a nearby hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

The children were safe and suffered no injuries during the assault. The identity of the children and their mother were not revealed.

Officer Harriman reportedly suffered no injuries during the incident. He was an MNPD officer for two years.

Detectives with the domestic violence wing will obtain an arrest warrant on Allen and charge him with domestic abuse. It was still unclear as to what led to the assault. The Metro Nashville police were investigating the shooting.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay