“13 Reasons Why” author Jay Asher recently shared what it was like writing Clay’s tape in the young adult novel he wrote several years ago.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Asher admitted that he knew how the rest of the characters in his book contributed to Hannah’s murder. But he was unsure how to write a compelling storyline for Clay, the teenage boy who happens to be in love with Hannah.

“When I first started writing Clay’s character, I didn’t know what he was going to do. I knew the 12 other reasons, but I didn’t know his. I realized, obviously, that that’s what people are going to be waiting for,” Asher said.

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In the 13-episode series released by Netflix, Clay (Dylan Minnette) received seven tapes that detailed Hannah’s story. Towards the end, it was revealed that Clay did not have anything to do the lead character’s demise. Hannah just decided to record a tape for Clay because she wanted him to know that she also had feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Asher also explained why he decided to write a positive storyline for Clay unlike the other 12 characters featured in the seven tapes Hannah gave to him. “One, if what he did was really bad, the second he got the tapes he would go, ‘I know I’m on here.’ There goes all the suspense. Clay is also the eyes and ears for the reader. That’s the person you’re connecting with he,” he said.

Following the release of the 13 episodes, viewers and publications commented positively on “13 Reasons Why” getting adapted for television. TV Line writer Andy Swift also commended Minnette and Katherine Langford’s acting and positive portrayal of their respective characters, Clay and Hannah. Entertainment Weekly writer Shirley Li said that the story of Clay and Hannah were also honestly told and gave the series a B+ rating.