richard super
Richard Super, 36, a former teacher at a New Jersey school was sentenced to two years of probation time for sending inappropriate emails with a student. A lawsuit is being filed against the Vineland school district, claiming it did not take adequate actions to protect the student. Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office

A lawsuit filed last week on behalf of a 13-year-old female New Jersey student alleged that her school knew of an inappropriate relationship she had with a teacher and did not take sufficient action to prevent it, reported Thursday.

The lawsuit claimed some teachers, principals and school administrators of the Vineland School District in Cumberland County knew that Rossi Intermediate School teacher Richard F. Super was sending the female student messages of “a sexual nature” prior to his arrest in June 2016 and two months after the pair began corresponding.

Super, 36, would bring the student breakfast, sit with her at lunch, talk to her via email and give her extra attention in class, according to the lawsuit. During one such communication, the student told Super they were “naked buddies.” Super was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

The conversation is transcribed below:

Super: "Just took off my sweatpants and shirt. Lol nah just chilling taking to you. Sweating lol"

Student: "YAY we’re naked buddies!! Watt r u doing having fun?"

Super: "Loads and lods of fun!!"

The student was reportedly suffering from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“While the ex-teacher has been prosecuted, the full measure of justice requires that those who failed to protect this young, vulnerable victim— who is emotionally scarred for life— be held accountable,” said Paul R. D’Amato, the student's legal representative. “We hope to ensure that what happened to our client never happens again.”

The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office discovered around 4,600 emails between Super and the student. The messages were sent and received via a school-issued email account, an aspect of the situation discussed in the lawsuit, which claimed that the district could have protected the student by using email monitoring software to pick up the inappropriate language.

Super was placed on paid leave until September 2016, when he resigned from his job. He pleaded guilty to fourth-degree cruelty and neglect to children in May 2017. Super would later receive a two-year probation sentence and had his teaching license revoked. The lawsuit stated various students and teachers knew of Super’s actions toward the student and notified upper administration, who allegedly did not investigate the claims. One month prior to Super’s arrest, the school’s principal, Tammy Monahan, met with Super and told him his behavior with the student “did not seem appropriate,” according to the lawsuit.

Joseph Rossi, Vineland School District executive director of personnel, said the district has knowledge of the lawsuit. The district has reportedly cooperated, handed over documents and readied themselves with legal counsel. The student also requested compensatory damages, punitive damages and payment of her medical bills.