teacher asks student to send snapchat videos
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A married high school teacher in California — arrested Sept. 20 and charged with unlawful sex and oral copulation with a minor — could face more felony charges, reports said Tuesday.

Samantha Lee Ciotta, 32, a mother of two, has been accused of having sex with one of her underage students. She was arrested after she allegedly appeared in a raunchy Snapchat video that showed her wearing only “a shirt and panties” while drinking with two shirtless minors, Patch.com first reported. She had been released from custody on Sept. 21 after posting a $150,000 bail.

According to Patch.com, a high school student at Beaumont High School in California, spotted the Snapchat video in August and approached the student, who had reportedly posted it and asked if it was “Mrs. Ciotta.”

“Yes…Bro, I’m getting in deep…been f-----g (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house),” the student reportedly responded, according to the documents obtained by Patch.com, a local news organization in New Jersey.

Police have been investigating if the teacher had inappropriate sexual contact with more than just one minor Beaumont High School student, according to Patch.com. Ciotta is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 3.

Beaumont Unified School District officials had been made aware of the video on Sept. 1 and they then contacted the police about the rumors alleging Ciotta appeared half-naked with the alleged victim and other underage students, according to the documents obtained by Patch.com.

Another teen who reportedly appeared in the explicit video told an unidentified adult that Ciotta had been in an inappropriate sexual relationship with an underage student and said "if [police] have her phone, then they will find out," New York Daily News reported.

Police conducted a search at Ciotta’s home, where she lived with her husband and two children. Authorities found a torn, handwritten note that also identified Ciotta’s alleged victim by name. The note was likely written to her husband in an attempt to explain her relationship with the minor, police said.

According to police documents obtained by Patch.com, the former English teacher reportedly took an interest in the then 14-year-old victim described as “disruptive” two years earlier, when he was failing her class in 2015.

“She said she was his advocate,” the boy’s guardian said.

The boy's guardian also told the media the boy came home with expensive shoes, a new IPhone, the guardian now believes were gifts from the teacher. The guardian said she suspected something was going on between the underage student and the teacher. “I told her to stay away from him,” the guardian said.

Ciotta's husband Scott, who filed for divorce on Oct. 4, has been granted sole custody of their two children.

“While I, personally, do not believe my children were placed in any danger while in her care, nor do I question her abilities as a mother, I am following Child Protective Services' recommendations,” Ciotta’s husband, acting as his own attorney, wrote in divorce papers. “Child Protective Services strongly recommended to me to take full custody and with urgency," according to Patch.com.