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There are so many reasons why people love cats: their playful antics, amusing eyes, and soothing purrs never fail to make our hearts melt. Even if you aren't particularly fond of cats, though; chances are, you've got a cat lover in your midst. Here, The Bitbag Team has wrapped up 15 of the cutest cat-inspired gifts that are functional at the same time.

Cute Cat Pen Holder

This Cute Cat Pen Holder is the perfect addition to any desk. Serving sass all day and night, this adorable and functional product is available in five styles, including a tabby and a calico. You can buy them as a set or per piece.

Cat Ear Beret

This Cat Ear Beret is both cute and eye-catching. Available in six classy colors, it will instantly elevate any outfit. With its cat ear design and soft material, this headpiece is both fashionable and cozy.

Cat Paw Slippers

These Cat Paw Slippers will keep introvert cat lovers cozy at home. These cute plush slip-ons keep toes snug - perfect for a chill and quiet night-in. They are available in pink, yellow, light grey, and coffee.

Soft Glow Cat Light

This Soft Glow Cat Light is the perfect item for someone in need of a night-time companion. This cute cat night light gives off the sweetest and softest ambient glow. Powered by batteries, it can be placed practically anywhere before bed.

Meow Metal Hair Clip

This Meow Metal Hair Clip will keep any cat lover's hair neatly tucked up. With its feline-inspired design, this easy-to-use hair clip is a classy and fun choice for everyday wear.

Cat Paw Solar Light

These Cat Paw Solar Lights are great welcoming decorations for anyone's outdoor living space. They can be used to accent a walkway for a whimsical touch. Their built-in solar panels charge the lights during the day and automatically turn on at dusk.

Cat with Trays

This Cat with Trays features an adorable cat holding up two catch-all trays that are perfect for storing and displaying. It can be used for jewelry, accessories, makeup, or any other trinkets, really. It can even be displayed by the door to place daily essentials like keys, wallets, and the like.

Fat Cat Wall Clock

This Fat Cat Wall Clock not only looks cute, but is also very useful. This cat-inspired home necessity features an adorable tan and white cat with a blue bandana and is available in both small and large sizes. It can even be displayed at the office so the cats at home won't be missed as much.

Iron Cat Basket

This Iron Cat Basket provides a classic country style and charm to any space. It invites a piece of nature to the indoors and comes with six different artificial plants.

Ceramic Cat Tableware

This Ceramic Cat Tableware is a perfect collectible for cat-loving foodies. The set consists of cat-eared bowls, plates, and spoons that are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. They're available in eight different styles that can easily be mixed and matched.

Chloe Cat Mug

This Chloe Cat Mug is cute and classy with its minimalistic and chic cat-inspired design. The ceramic mug has a 12-ounce capacity and is available in white, pink, or black. Cat and coffee lovers will surely enjoy any beverage whenever they use it.

Adorable Cat Blanket

This Adorable Cat Blanket is made in Japan and is available in three different colors. Aside from on a bed, it can also be used over a chair as an added design or to snuggle up with on the couch.

Cat Tea Set

This Cat Tea Set is portable, cute, and made for fur parents who love tea. The ceramic set features two cups and a teapot that fit together perfectly. It even comes with a carrying bag to easily pack the set into for picnics, school, or work. They are available in black, white or red.

Cat Paw Tongs

These Cat Paw Tongs are practical kitchen tools to add to a cat-inspired collection. The feline-inspired tongs are offered in three colors and styles to match any kitchen decor. It can be used to assemble salads or serve chicken or pieces of fruit.

White Cat Planter

This White Cat Planter is a handmade ceramic pot that is perfect for plants, herbs, succulents, or your favorite flowering cacti. This little vase will look perfect on a desk or as a centerpiece.