• The minor boy was arrested on charges of murder and suppression of evidence
  • The teen reportedly played music, while hacking the victims to death to hide their screams
  • The cops are investigating the motive behind the killings

A teen boy in India was arrested for allegedly murdering four members of his family and burying their dead bodies in a pit.

The 15-year-old unidentified minor from Agartala, a city in the eastern state of the country, was arrested for murdering his 70-year-old grandfather, 32-year-old mother, 10-year-old sister and a 42-year-old aunt at their home Sunday.

The teen used an ax to kill the four victims while they were sleeping, and fled the home, the police said, as reported by NDTV.

The incident came to light after the teen's father, who came home late at night, noticed blood splattered all over the house. He then discovered the bodies of the victims from an under-construction septic tank behind their home, The Times of Bengal reported.

The teen reportedly played loud music while killing the victims to hide their screams, the police said.

The cops arrested the suspect, who was on the run, following which he admitted to his crimes.

The teen faces charges of murder and suppression of evidence.

"In a gruesome incident, a minor boy has killed four of his family members. The accused had been arrested within a few hours of the incident. Further investigation is going on to ascertain the motive of the crime," the police said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the investigators said they have not determined the motive behind the murders, and have sent the bodies for autopsy.

"We have detained him. We are yet to determine the motive behind the murders," an investigating officer, Jyotishman Das Chowdhury said, as reported by Indian Express.

According to reports, the minor boy was addicted to playing online games and watching crime investigations on television. He was previously caught stealing money from his house, the police said.

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In an unrelated incident last month, an 11-year-old boy in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh was arrested after he murdered his mother for killing his older sister. The minor boy, identified as Jameer, fatally stabbed his mother, Sheik Khurshida, for strangling his 14-year-old sister Alima to death. Khurshida reportedly killed her daughter after a heated argument with the teen over the use of her mobile phone. The minor boy stabbed his mother after he was furious at her for killing his sister, reports said.