• The mother had a heated argument with her daughter, 14, and reprimanded the teen for remaining glued to her phone
  • The girl's 11-year-old brother was angered by his mom allegedly strangling his sister to death
  • The bodies were taken to a hospital for postmortem, and the boy was arrested

An 11-year-old boy in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh was arrested after he allegedly murdered his own mother this week for killing his older sister.

The boy, identified as Jameer, is accused of fatally stabbing his mother Sheik Khurshida at Nakash street in Kadapa on Wednesday night, The Times of India reported.

Khurshida allegedly strangled her 14-year-old daughter Alima to death after a heated argument with the teen, during which the mother reprimanded the daughter for remaining glued to her mobile phone. This allegedly angered Jameer and prompted him to kill his mother, the report said.

Police later reached the scene of the incident and took the two bodies to the government general hospital for postmortem.

Jameer was taken into police custody, and authorities registered a case against the boy, but it was unclear what charges he faced.

A similar incident happened in late August in Madhya Pradesh, India, when a 25-year-old woman allegedly threw her two daughters into a well and then killed herself after her mother-in-law took away her phone.

The woman, identified as Rani Yadav, got into an argument with her husband's mother on Aug. 28 over the former's excessive cellphone usage. The mother-in-law reportedly ended up taking Yadav's phone, which prompted Yadav to leave her home the next day with her two daughters, aged 4 and 10.

Yadav allegedly brought her children to a nearby well and threw the two girls into the water hole before she hanged herself from a snare in the well.

A passerby later noticed the family and called nearby residents. They were able to rescue Yadav's younger daughter, who became trapped among the well's bricks.

Police arrived at the scene and pronounced Yadav and her 10-year-old daughter dead. A probe was launched over the incident.

In another similar incident, a 16-year-old girl in the state of Telangana set herself ablaze in June after she got into an argument with her mother over her phone usage.

The unnamed girl left her home on June 19 following a confrontation with her mother regarding her excessive phone usage. Her parents registered a missing person complaint, and police were able to spot the girl on CCTV footage leaving her home carrying what appeared to be a container filled with fuel.

Police later responded to a report of a partially burned body being found in a desolate area and found the body with a phone ringing next to it, which turned out to be the missing girl's father trying to reach her.

Authorities said the girl poured kerosene over her body and set herself on fire. Her parents did not suspect any foul play in the death.

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hands-1851218_1920 Representation. A woman in India allegedly strangled her 14-year-old daughter following an argument regarding her phone habits. Photo: Pixabay