A teen girl in Turkey who fell from the top of a four-story building died after fighting for her life for more than two weeks at a hospital. According to CCTV footage of the incident, the 15-year-old girl was trying to retrieve her cell phone when she accidentally slipped and fell, reports said.

The tragic incident happened in Mugla Province, Western Turkey, on Oct.12, when the teenager identified as Melike Gun Kanavuzlar was trying to get her cellphone that she dropped while taking a selfie, NY Post reported Tuesday.

Emergency officers rushed to the scene and Kanavuzlar, who suffered critical injuries in the incident was taken to a nearby hospital. She was later shifted to the Intensive Care Unit of another hospital in the city of Mugla in southwestern Turkey where the teen girl succumbed to injuries after fighting for 18 days, News.com.au reported.

According to reports, the distressing incident was captured by surveillance cameras in the neighborhood buildings. The video shows the girl falling from the top of the building while bystanders rush out hearing the sound of her body hitting the concrete floor.

Kanavuzlar was buried on Oct. 30, reports said.

According to 2018 research conducted by the US National Library of Medicine, 259 people were killed across the globe between 2011 and 2017 while trying to get extreme selfies.

Drowning, transport accidents, and falling are the most common cause of death while taking selfies. The study also recommended that "no selfie zones" should be introduced at dangerous spots such as the tops of mountains, tall buildings, and lakes, to reduce deaths. According to a report by NY Post, a survey conducted in 2020 showed that 41% of the respondents admitted that they were ready to risk their safety for a selfie.

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In a similar incident last year, a 14-year-old boy in India died after falling from the second floor of a partially demolished building while taking a selfie. The teenager, identified as Mohammad Ubaid Sheikh, from Bhiwandi, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, died while he was trying to get a selfie at the building where he went out to play. The building had no security and was abandoned by officials after it was declared illegal due to unauthorized construction.