Iggy Azalea fans were rejoicing last week when their favorite artist's song, "Fancy," featuring Charli XCX, won the award for Top Rap Song at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. But their jubilation didn’t last long: A petition launched to take the award away from Azalea now has at least 15,000 signatures.

Seventeen reported Tuesday that the petition, titled "Retract Iggy Azalea's Ineligible Award for 'Fancy’” went up shortly after Azalea won the award a week ago. Petitioners claim that “Fancy” shouldn't have been eligible to win a Billboard Music Award because it was released outside the eligible time period.

As Christian Ferguson, who started the petition, stated: “The eligibility time period for nominations is March 10, 2014, through March 2015. 'Fancy' was released on Feb. 17, 2014, nearly a month before the eligibility starting. This is unfair to the other nominees in this category, especially to 'Anaconda' by Nicki Minaj, who most likely would've won. Billboard did not follow their own guidelines and should have to recalculate these nominations without 'Fancy' as a nominee."

But Dick Clark Productions, the company in charge of the Billboard Music Awards, has confirmed with International Business Times last week that the song is valid and eligible, stating the 2015 awards are based on Nielsen sales data and chart performance within a reporting period of March to March, not the song’s release date.  

This isn’t the only backlash that Azalea is receiving. A second petition has emerged concerning the Australian singer -- though the reason behind it is more comical, the Source reported. The petition, titled “Get Iggy to Stop Rapping,” describes how Azalea’s music “has killed the young ears of many humans” and how “her alien music should be outlawed worldwide from the explosions of garbage.” This petition doesn’t have the same number of supporters as Ferguson’s -- only 31 sign-ups.