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  • The plaintiff, Jose Rivera, claimed he bought the winning ticket at a gas station
  • He also claimed that it was stolen from him by a man named "Reggie"
  • He reported the alleged theft to law enforcement but did not provide details

California-based Powerball winner Edwin Castro was served legal papers Thursday at his newly-bought $25.5 million mansion in Hollywood Hills in a lawsuit claiming that his winning lotto ticket was not rightfully his and was stolen from another person, according to a report.

Court filings showed that the lawsuit against 30-year-old Castro was first filed in February, claiming that he was not the rightful winner of the winning lottery ticket since it was bought by the plaintiff in the case, identified as Jose Rivera, according to The U.S. Sun.

Rivera said that he bought the stub at a gas station in Altadena, California, a day before the Nov. 8 Powerball jackpot drawing, which at the time was worth a whopping $2.04 billion, and a man named "Reggie" allegedly stole the ticket and refused to return it, saying it was fake.

Reggie, who has since been identified as Urachi F. Romero, even told the plaintiff that he had lost the ticket, but if he found it, he would split the winnings.

Refusing to be blackmailed, Rivera reported the alleged theft to law enforcement and the lottery commission.

However, the complaint did not reportedly explain the circumstances of the theft, including how the ticket was stolen from Romero. Rivera believes that the surveillance footage taken at the gas station will prove that he was the one who bought the ticket.

"In an effort hopefully to reach a prompt resolution of this matter involving the rightful owner of the $2.04 Billion Powerball winning ticket, our client, Jose Rivera, again requests the 'Lottery' make available for our review all video depicting the purchase of the winning ticket," Rivera's legal team said in a letter submitted to the California Lottery.

"We understand the 'Lottery' took possession of the video shortly after it was determined the winning ticket was sold at Joe's Service Station in Altadena, California," the letter read further.

The U.S. Sun tried to reach out to the County Sheriff in Los Angeles and the LAPD for a comment but did not answer yet.

Meanwhile, a representative from the California Lottery said they are confident in their vetting process and believe Castro is the rightful winner.

"When it comes to the vetting process for big winners, California Lottery has the utmost confidence in its process for doing so," Carolyn Becker, of the California Lottery, said.

"California Lottery remains confident that Edwin Castro is the rightful winner of the $2.04 billion prize stemming from the Powerball drawing in November of 2022," she added.

Despite this, Rivera seems determined to move forward with the suit against Castro, Romero and the California State Lottery Commission.

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