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  • Edwin Castro bought a $25.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion 30 days after he claimed his prize
  • His new 13,578-square-foot residence has a full outdoor kitchen and infinity pool, among other things
  • It also has two separate garages that can house up to seven cars, plus a motor court

The man who won Powerball's record-breaking $2 billion jackpot late last year bought a mansion in California around a month after he claimed his prize.

Edwin Castro will now be neighbors with the likes of Ariana Grande, Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel following his purchase of a $25.5 million home in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills neighborhood, Dirt reported.

Castro, who won Powerball's $2.04 billion jackpot last November with a ticket he bought from a gas station in California's Altadena, acquired the three-story mansion just 30 days after claiming his prize as a lump sum of $997.6 million before taxes, according to the outlet.

The 13,578-square-foot residence, originally priced at nearly $30 million, reportedly has a full outdoor kitchen, infinity pool, movie theater, sauna, wine cellar and a rooftop deck.

It also comes with five bedrooms, an equal number of baths, and two powder rooms.

Castro's new home has two separate garages that can hold up to seven cars, while a motor court can store several more vehicles.

Little is known about Castro, who is reportedly in his early 30s.

The longtime local to Pasadena and its surrounding neighborhoods previously admitted to "being educated in the California public education system."

A California man is currently suing Castro and another man, claiming that he had bought the winning ticket but it was stolen from him.

In response to the allegations, California's state lottery maintained that Castro was the "rightful winner" of the November draw.

"When it comes to the vetting process for big winners, California Lottery has the utmost confidence in its process for doing so. California Lottery remains confident that Edwin Castro is the rightful winner of the $2.04 billion prize stemming from the Powerball drawing in November of 2022," Carolyn Becker, a spokesperson for the California Lottery, told ABC News in a statement.

The California Lottery is not "authorized to investigate criminal activity among its players," and investigations are left up to local law enforcement officials, according to Becker.

"Should a local law enforcement agency investigate such allegations, Lottery's only role is to assist in the matter by answering questions and/or providing evidence as allowed under the law," the statement read.

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